SAR K9 - Preventative Care and Preparedness / First Aid for Working Canines: What To Do When Something Goes Wrong
Date & Time
Sunday, September 19, 2021, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Kate Dean Jonathan Dean

So many SAR callouts stem from people adventuring without being properly prepared. Poor physical fitness, mismanaged medical conditions, inadequate gear. The same principles apply to our SAR canine team members. The only difference is it is your responsibility as a handler to properly prepare them before sending them out on their task. This seminar will review what steps should be taken prior to tasking to make sure your canine has the best opportunity to stay healthy and succeed at their job.

As a SAR dog handler, or support member, you must be able to not only provide medical help to your search subject or teammate, but also to your dog should the situation arise.  Given the “search first and ask questions later” nature of these highly trained and driven dogs, the opportunity for injury is great. This lecture will cover handling some of the most common injuries seen, as well as some of the life-threatening injury possibilities.

* This session will be presented in English only.

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